Products & Services

NGDP Forecast

This is our flagship product using a proprietary model taking market and official data inputs to forecast the medium term outlook for the key monetary and economic variable.

Data Watch

These are occasional comments when a survey or piece of data has resulted in a significant market movement, a movement that in turn sheds light on the stance of monetary policy.

FOMC Watch

An occasional comment when the FOMC makes the news and moves markets or helps reveal what the Committee is thinking (or not thinking).

Macro Issues

An occasional series where take macro concepts, like Full Employment or the Zero Lower Bound, and analyse them within the Market Monetarist framework to show their relevance or usually irrelevance to monetary policy.

Weekly Assessments

These are where we look at what the market movements during the week have told us about the stance of monetary policy as the markets react to surveys, data, central bank pronouncements and actions and other news.

Monthly Analyses

These are where we step back and look at the longer term trends in monetary, market and official data.