December 11, 2017

To link inflation and unemployment, you don´t need the Phillips Curve

Recently Joe Gagnon of the PIIE (Peterson Institute for International Economics) has used both the US and Japan to argue that there is no inflation puzzle. In other words, the Phillips Curve is alive and well. In the US piece, Gagnon writes: Some economists are puzzled over why US inflation has remained low while the economy has reached, or even exceeded, potential employment. Commentators have argued that central banks are wrong to place too much faith in the Phillips curve model, in which inflation responds to deviations from potential employment…, Yet inflation is behaving exactly as the Phillips curve would…...

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Bitcoin seems on an unstoppable tear. Rising from about USD 700 in January 2017, to about USD 11,000 in early December and now to about USD 15,000 as of mid-December, the cryptocurrency has ‘crushed its enemies, and seen them driven before it’. Many commentators claim Bitcoin is a bubble, after all, so the thinking goes, what do markets do but arbitrarily rise, and then randomly crash, causing havoc? Of course, Market Monetarists see things differently. We respect markets, fear them too, and completely reject the concept of a “bubble”. If the participants in the market decide Bitcoin is worth USD… Read More