Is This The Kind Of Chart That Makes A Central Bank Tighten Up?

Here is the U.S. Labor Markets Conditions Index (LCMI) for 2006 through latest reading, for February:

Ironically enough, the LMCI is a creation not of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or a do-goody liberal outfit, but of…the U.S. Federal Reserve.

That’s right, the same central bank that has an inclination towards tight money is the compositor of the LCMI. The LCMI is a stew of 19 labor indicators, and from appearances, is indicating progressively softer U.S labor markets since 2012.  Considering authorship, that is quite a statement.

If the LCMI is meaningful at all, then labor markets are not what will lead the U.S. into an inflationary doomsday.

In fact, the simple observer on the sidelines might be tempted to think, “Sheesh, looks like labor markets are leaving the field wide-open for the Fed to stimulate.”

Well, that’s from reading the chart.


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